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MyTradeC Zeroloss MyTradeC Zeroloss
MyTradeC Zeroloss MyTradeC Zeroloss MyTradeC Zeroloss MyTradeC Zeroloss
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MyTradeC provides very good reach user interface, with the help of that user can learn easily and earn profit without zeroloss.

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Live calls

Live Calls for employee.

Zeroloss HNI

Zeroloss HNI for specific traders which is guided by our team.

Cool Breakout

Cool Breakout for Beginners.

MyTradeC Zeroloss


Zeroloss for Full time traders and Technical people.

Cool Touch

Cool Touch for Technical people.

Golden Levels

Golden Levels for all people.

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MyTradeC Zeroloss

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We given detailed instruction of " How to trade " with the help of MyTradeC in English, Tamil, Hindi on YouTube

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I am doing trading crude oil mytradec giving minimum SL target 1: 3 ratio very good... I like it.. today I am watching banknifty also super today app told buy 24963 amazing today low that price only.. I am happy..

MyTradeC Zeroloss

Gopal M

User Review

The app is fantastic , it recovers my losses and give lot of positive confidence in trading, and it reduces and controls our emotions while trading to avoid losses.

MyTradeC Zeroloss


User Review

Nice app never seen before like this app result is very good and safe.

MyTradeC Zeroloss

Mcx Murali

User Review

Very nice app for small traders it works well for crude and copper and for those who are self traders.

MyTradeC Zeroloss

Prathap AP

User Review

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